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SCME SW DISC IMAGE v5.3.0.12 20150508

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SCME SW DISC IMAGE v5.3.0.12 20150508

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Установочный диск (имидж) с ПО сервера IP платформы Samsung Communication Manager, версия 20150508.

New Version 5.3.0.x Changes:
< Upgrade Cautions! >
 After upgrading to V5.2.0.5, the SSH and SFTP connection failure error can happen in PC which is storing old SCME's SSH and SFTP connection information (cache file).
 Solution: Delete old SCME's SSH and SFTP connection information (cache file) in PC.

< SSL, SSH, NTP Downgrade Cautions! >
 When downgrading from V5.3.0.x to a lower version, refer to “V5.3.0.5 Cautions” page in `SCM Express V5.3 Configuration Guide` document.

1. [-/-/-] The menu of Broad Message History was added
- [PERFORMANCE >Detailed Event History > Broad Message History]
- The operation history of broad message was displayed.
2. [-/-/Korea] Internal DID feature for incoming call is supported.
3. [-/-/-] Menu tree was added in SCM Administrator. (Configuration > Resource)
- ‘Resource’ tree was added to the menu tree Configuration and some menus were moved.
. Existing menus: Activation Key, License
. New menus: Trunk Service Limitation, Application Service Limitation, Resource State
4. [-/-/-] Resource State menu was added in SCM Administrator.
- ‘Resource State’ displays the User Group specific resource usage for some items.
- However, the capacity constraints can be different according to the license.
- Configuration > Resource > Resource State
5. [-/-/USA] Service list in Service Class menu in SCM Administrator was sorted.
- Service list in create/change dialog of Service Class menu are sorted by string.
6. [-/-/-] Broad Message functionality is supported
- User can use message sending/receiving with android FMC.
7. [-/-/-] added Noticeboard additional functions
- Noticeboard Category function .
- Notice attachment function.
8. [-/-/-] added IP Terminal Options
- Syslog option, wifi option, callog option, hook timer option..
9. [-/-/-] option for color of presence string is added.
10. [-/-/-] ‘delete User Group’ Menu is added.
11. [-/-/-] The name of “Wifi Agent” was changed to “Smart WLAN Link”.
- These names were changed in SCM Administrator.
. Sub menu names in Configuration > Wireless Enterprise
. Single Phone User, Multi-extension Phone: Use Wifi Agent -> Use Smart WLAN Link
. Activation Key: Wifi Agent -> Smart WLAN Link
. Phone Setting > File Upload: Phone Type combo list
12. [-/-/-] Common Service Limitation Feature Added.
- Operator can control Common Application Server or Common Trunk Service for each user group.
- It provides a service to following common type application servers.
- 3rd Party UMS
- 3rd Party Conference
- 3rd Party IVR
- External Ringback Tone
13. [-/-/-] Internal UMS / Internal Conference Call Control Feature Added.
- Operator can control Internal UMS or Internal Conference Service for each user group.
14. [-/-/-] To support Hosted Service, default CSTA license for SC plus and etc. is increased from 10 to 160.
15. [-/-/-] Each User Group can select its own announcement language
16. [-/-/-] Added ‘Job’ type at ‘User Profile Field’ for FMC job search function.
17. [-/-/-] ‘Valid Data’ Option of User Group is Added. After expiration, SCM will reject the request of registration of terminal.
18. [-/-/Korea] The call log of the transfer target could be ‘Transfer Party’ or ‘Held Party’. It depends on the way of transfer such as Blind Transfer, Semi-consultation Transfer and Consultation Transfer. Regardless of the way of transfer, the call log can be ‘Transfer Party’ or Held Party’ by setting the below option.
- [CONFIGURATION>User Group > Change User Group > Options > Call Log for Transferred Party]
19. [-/-/-] GHOST: glibc vulnerability (CVE-2015-0235). SCME updated the gilbc patch.
20. [-/-/-] NTP Version is upgraded to version 4.2.8.
21. [-/-/-] By default, Session Timer is used.
The default value of ‘Call Session Used’ in the [CONFIGURATION > Miscellaneous > System Options] is changed to ENALBE from DISABLE.
22. [-/-/Korea] Although user deactivate call forward service, the destination number will be remained.
23. [-/-/China] Maximum List for Number Translation Table extended.
- [CONFIGURATION > User Group > Change User Group > Number Translation].
- 3000 User: 1000 List  2000 List
- 10000 User: 3000 List
- 30000 User: 3000 List
24. [-/-/Korea] Fixed to set station group number for destination of Hot Line.
25. [-/-/AUS] Multiple SIP Account Route Call Failure is fixed
- ACD call distribution failure from Multiple SIP Account Route is fixed.
- User Number Range in Route menu is supported a designated number without ‘X’.
26. [-/-/Korea] Time difference for Ring Plan Schedule is adjusted.
27. [-/-/USA] ‘No Answer Destination’ of Hunt group was not working. This problem is fixed.
28. [-/-/Korea] ‘CLI for Forwarded Call’ problem is fixed.
29. [-/-/SA] The fault of SIP trace save feature is made up.
30. [-/-/Korea] ‘Transfer Recall’ feature in the [COMFIGURATION > User Group > Change User Group > Options] is fixed.
31. [-/-/AUS] The Forced Audio Codec feature for re-INVITE is supported.
32. [-/-/Korea] Click to dial with FXS phone via CSTA interface became available.
33. [-/-/UK] Premium CID function for Hotel Room problem is fixed when room check in/out
34. [-/-/Korea] Anonymous Call Transfer failure is fixed.
- This problem occurs following configuration.
- No use Transferee restriction policy disabled
- Transferee has toll restriction list that starting digit is ‘0’.
35. [-/-/Korea] When administrator add or delete a line(User) on multi-Extension Phone, SCM does not send notify-event to phone sometimes. This problem is fixed.
36. [-/-/Korea] If there is not ‘/home/samsung’ directory in SCM, noticeboard service is not working.
37. [-/-/Korea] mVoIp service on iPhone is not working because of profile problem.
38. [-/-/USA] Abnormal Block State (LDIB) when LDAP import function is executed consecutively. And LDAP import function is executed only once. Those issues are modified in this patch.
39. [-/-/Korea] APC status is not matched with real APC link status. This issues is modified in this patch.
40. [-/-/USA] Although Call Record service was not permitted in Class of Service, the call record service using call record key was allowed. This problem is fixed.
41. [-/-/AUS] VM password does not initialize in the Mailbox menu.- Fixed.
42. [-/-/AUS] Testcase 41(Blind Transfer on Hold) is supported in the Broadsoft Interoptest.
43. [-/-/AUS] In case of interworking with broadsoft, SCM did not send ‘REGISTER’ message including the ‘minimum expire time’ that the broadsoft sent through ‘423 Interval too brief’. This problem is fixed.

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