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Прошивка OS7200 MP20 v4.60 20111126

Прошивки для АТС Samsung OfficeServ7200.

Модератор: TOPPEHTEP

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Прошивка OS7200 MP20 v4.60 20111126

Сообщение Wi$e 17 дек 2011, 17:11

Прошивка процессора MP20 для OfficeServ 7200, версия 4.60 20111126.

База данных предыдущих версий v4.46 и v4.53 одну существенную несовместимость.
При использовании SIP линий, после обновления ПО и загрузки обратно в систему сохраненных настроек, обязательно указать в ММС603 для группы SIP линий номер используемого SIP Carrier!!!! Иначе SIP линии работать не будут.

New Version Changes
’11.11.22 V4.60
1. V4.60 S/W isn’t compatible with below V4.60 DB
2. [-/OS7400,OS7200(MP20)/-] New SVMi-20i card are now available.
3. [-/OS7400,OS7200,OS7100/-] New SLI3 cards(16SLI3, 16SLI3s, 8SLI3, 8COMBO3) are now available.
4. [-/MP20s,MP10a,MP11,OS7030,OS7070/-] MP20s restart problem when a station send DTMF repeatedly was fixed.
5. [-/ALL/-] Mobile Client
Provide Mobile Enterprise service as below.
-> SIP basic call feature, move, one-step transfer, unregistered forward, smart routing
6. [-/-/-] Support Real-Time Tone Generation service (R4.1)
7. [-/-/-] Plug and Play for IP Phones.
Provide 3 types of PNP mode. (Pre-Macaddr, Auto PNP, Normal Login)
8. [-/-/-] IPP Auto Upgrade.
Add MMC914 to upgrade all IP phones at the same time. This option is for only manager.
9. [-/MP40, MP20/-] SIP TLS
10. [-/OS7400, OS7200 MP20/-] Supporting sRTP
11. [-/ALL/-] Supporting Multi Carrier SIP registration
After uploading DM DB to V4.60, Set specific option related to SIP trunk. Or you can’t use sip trunk.
12. [N100430002/-/Denmark] Change the 480 Sip Message.
13. [eMGI] Support VBD(Voice Band Data) service
14. [-/ALL/-] Privacy header option for outgoing SIP trunks calls.
15. [-/-/-] SIP Peering Option.
Tandem(SIP/H.323 call => SIP/H.323 call) is allowed by MMC833 VoIP Tandem option.
16. [-/ALL/-] Selectable codec for SIP trunk calls
17. [N101116006/ALL /-] MOBEX Callback
18. [N090625013/-/-] MOBEX Scheduling
In the previous version, MOBEX station and its master are ringing at the same time regardless of current time. But in V4.60, simultaneous ringing is allowed by MOBEX scheduling time.
19. [-/-/-] MOBEX Ring Group Busy
When MOBEX station is busy, its master will be also busy.
20. [-/-/-] Ability to set what type of calls can ring MOBEX stn is added.
21. [-/-/-] MOBEX authorization by CLI Ringing Table is added.
22. [N090625008/-/STA] Recommend to change MOBEX feature code displays.
23. [-/ALL/-] Supporting H.264 codec to Video SIP Phone
24. [-/ALL/-] Sending DTMF to SIP Phone
25. [-/-/-] CNF24 Enhancements.
26. [-/-/-] Single Address book and calendar features are added.
27. [-/-/-] Add SIP Trunk Error Alarm.
28. [-/-/-] Modify default value for each country.
29. [-/ALL/-] Separating SIP Trunking / Peering port
30. [-/-/-] DID Limit Count per Ring Plan is added.
31. [-/-/-] UCD Queue Limit Count feature is added.
32. [-/ALL/-] NTP Server
33. [P110204001/ALL/-] Ticket 10313 - Virtual port Mailbox delete
34. [P110825001/ALL/-] PWP Scheduling Issue
35. [P110715004/ALL/-] Wrapup timer
36. [P110413004/ALL/-] LCR code on Disply
37. [P110614001/ALL/-] Multiple connections via IT Tool
38. [P110816001/ALL/-] MMC 741 options will not
39. [P110816002/ALL/-] Unsupervised Conference Bridge
41. [N100227012/ALL/STA] NO CLIP BUTTON
42. [N091116002/ALL/-] Change priority between Alias or CLIP Translation table
43. [N101123004/ALL/-] Trunk number information at LCD should be changeable to given Names.
44. [P110824002/ALL/-] 7100 voicemail language key code
45. [P110817001/ALL/-] Pre cofigured data in MMC712
46. [P110810001/ALL/-] GPLIM V1.41 NTP CLOCKING ISSUE
47. [P110727001/ALL/-] MP20S RESTART
48. [P110707002/ALL/-] MWI (PRS mode) feature does not work on 16SLI2 card
49. [P110707001/ALL/-] OfficeServ does not detect the congestion tone to disconnect the cleared call automatically
50. [P110704005/ALL/-] CID option cannot be set for CRM by means IT2.2.1
51. [P110704003/ALL/-] Rings before answer option (VMAA->PORT BLOCK->SAMSUNG IN-SKIN) does not work properly
52. [P110625002/ALL/-] Wrong translation, LCD display text and still some English words
53. [P110623001/ALL/-] Ticket 11529 - UCD from AA on auto answer
54. [P110527002/ALL/-] Find Me Feature Callout Problem
58. [P110418002/ALL/-] Programming od ANS/RLS Key to keysets
59. [P110414001/ALL/-] Call Forward No-Ans
60. [P110413003/ALL/-] WIFI Dect
61. [P110413001/ALL/-] ANI CLID E&M Trunking not Displaying
62. [P110402001/ALL/-] MMC 430 DMS100 Setting No Name
63. [P110707002/MP20/SEI] MWI (PRS mode) feature does not work on 16SLI2 card.
64. [-/ALL/-] SMDR buffering (All system, 10000ea)
65. [-/All/-] Support Hybrid Voice Paging feature (R4.2)
66. [-/OS7100, OS7030, OS7070/-] change MSP firmware for voice encryption and fixing VM bug.
67. [eMGI/OS700,OS7030,OS7070/-] Support RTCP-XR.
68. [P110915-0012] RTG Version Display Error
69. [P111004-0002] Call Drop at the long-run test about SIP peering.
70. [P111004-0003] MPS Task Suspend at the long-run test about SIP peering.
71. [P110707001/ALL/SEI] OfficeServ does not detect the congestion tone to disconnect the cleared call automatically
72. [P110824003/ALL/STA] Group display Station Group data.
73. [P111103-0003/ALL/-] RTG Higher Gain and RTG sound difference between G.729 and G.711.
74. Samsung OfficeServ 7100(MP10a) and 7030 version V4.54a confirmed as Vendor Validated with BroadWorks R17SP3 for SIP trunking interoperability.
75. [N090625013/ALL/ALL] Move MOBEX Scheduling menu.
76. [-/ALL/ALL] Move MOBEX Group Busy option.

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