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Прошивка SMT-i5343v1.41 20150723

Прошивки для IP телефонов Samsung серии SMT-i.

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Прошивка SMT-i5343v1.41 20150723

Сообщение Wi$e 12 авг 2015, 00:32

Прошивка для IP телефона SMT-i5343 OSPP (OfficeServ Proprietary Protocol), Версия 1.41 20150723.

New Version Changes
[OfficeServ V4.92] SMT-i5343 Version Upgrade Notification Message
If the SMT-i5343 phone version is lower than V1.41, the system(V4.92) will send a message to the phone to request a package upgrade to V1.41. It was added to the compatibility issues between the system and phone. This feature is operating at 6:00 a.m. every day and when the phone is connected

V01.41 (2015.07.23)
* New features
1. Bluetooth Call Move Feature is added. (MP V4.92 or later version is required.)
- Connect with Smartphone with Bluetooth smartphone mode in the Bluetooth & Headset Menu.
- User can change a device between the phone and smartphone while conversation with the Move button.
2. Option for Popup Message Box is added. [Related Issue No. SEA15032]
- User can control a phone information popup to avoid it cannot overlap a program button’s label.
- This option can be set in [Menu > Setting > Service Information Display]. It can be set for FWD, DND, Auto Answer.
- A phone information popup’s background color adjusted to display the program button’s label.
3. Video Incoming Call Display Feature is added.
- When the Video Call is arrived, the other side video will be displayed during the offering state.
4. System Phonebook is supported
- If the system has the system phonebook, phone displays the system phone book feature in the contact menu.
5. Count of contact group is extended from 10 to 50.
6. Make a call feature is added at the search result of the contact.
7. OfficeServ Communicator is supported. For SPP5343, you have to use OfficeServ Communicator V1.2.1.0 or later. (the previous Communicator version V(T)1.1.0.x are not compatible to SPP5343)
The OfficeServ Communicator for SPP5343(V1210 or later) will be released separately.
8. When the firmware is changed from SCME to SPP, the existing contact database will not be cleared. (backup feature is added). However, the reverse direction (from SPP to SCME) is not allowed.

* Fixed problems
1. Multicast packet issue within WIFI mode is fixed
(Symptom) If a phone using WIFI network joins multicast groups has specific IP address range, the Multicast paging feature does not works properly.
2. A ringback tone stop when key pressed issue is fixed
(Symptom) When the keys are pressed during the outbound ringing, the ringback tone play was stopped.
3. PPPoE with VLAN issue is fixed
(Symptom) When user tries to set the PPPoE, the old value was set as the VLAN value.
4. A specific USB Memory card recognition issue is fixed. The recognition procedure for the USB memory stick is enhanced. [Related Issue No : SEA15022]
(Symptom) Phone fails upgrade with specific USB memory stick.
5. BT Headset Volume control procedure is enhanced. [Related Issue No. SEAE15021]
(Symptom) Volume control of specific Bluetooth headset works not properly.
6. Multiple tones on supervised transfer (7 beep tones played issue) issue is fixed. [Related Issue no. PC15026]
(Symptom) Beep tone does not plays properly with a supervised transfer feature.
7. DGP Tone issue is fixed. [Related Issue No. UK15007]
(Symptom) When MMC 714 DID – DGP Tone value is set, the previous SPP5343 didn’t play the changed tone.
8. Bluetooth headset conversation disconnection issue fixed. [Related Issue No : UK15004]
(Symptom) Bluetooth headset conversation is disconnected if a phone receives a VM message at that moment.
9. Include all fixed issues released as T package since V1.33 was released

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