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Прошивка SMT-i5210v2.90 161213 для SCME, SCMC

Прошивки IP телефонов Samsung серии SMT-i для работы с Samsung Communication Manager и по SIP протоколу.

Модератор: TOPPEHTEP

Прошивка SMT-i5210v2.90 161213 для SCME, SCMC

Сообщение Wi$e 09 янв 2017, 21:32

Прошивка IP телефона SMT-i5210 для работы в составе IP платформ Samsung Communication Manager Express и Samsung Communication Manager Compact, Версия 2.90 161213.

New Version Changes
V2.90 (2016.12.13)
* New features
1. 2 new Languages are added(Canadian French, Netherland Language)
2. Ring Deflect and Ring Preference are added with SCMC V2.x
3. Multicast Page rejoin is added with SCME V2.x
4. When user log out and log in as the another user(hot-desking), the headset status is keeping.
5. TLS 1.2 chiper preference is added

* Fixed problems
1. When the call is transferred from another station, the original CLI information is lost. Fixed this issue.
2. When the ping ring is activated, some long station name with UTF-8 character set is not displayed. Fixed this issue.
3. Forward Status by JOG Dial was occasionally wrong. Fixed this issue.
4. LCD Contrast value is adjusted.
5. Unwanted connection is rejected by the UC service port of IP phone(news and communicator)
6. “Nmap” tool protection is added for opened port of IP Phone.
7. Some program key change which can be only assigned and edited by system administrator is not allowed by IP phone. IP Phone will display the error message for this case.
8. When all forward clear is activated, VMS Forward information is also cleared. Fixed this issue.
9. When DHCP Server sends NACK for DHCP Request, this NACK was ignored. Fixed this issue.
10. DHCP Server Identifier is additionally handled by IP Phone.
11. BLF Line seizure operation is changed for multi-line configured ip phone.
- In Normal Dial State: Cancel the current dial state and seizure the new line and go to the dial state
- In Transfer or Conference State: Transfer or Conference will be operated with not the new line but the old line.
12. When the LAN port is unplugged and plugged repeatedly during the provisioning step, it is possible that the IP Phone stop the login procedure due to the LAN initialization. Fixed this issue. IP Phone will reboot and recover this error situation if it meets this case.
13. Back Light off issue regarding message is fixed
14. When user tries to start / stop the phone recording repeatedly, sometimes, the recording status information is wrong displayed. Fixed this issue.
15. When user presses the VM TRAF (or Move to mobile) and then cancels it during the recording state, the connected time is reset to 0. Fixed this issue.
16. Premium CID Display is enhanced in case of using Extension Number at SCME V6.1. Also, when the transfer is completed during the ring state, the P-CID display is updated.
17. When the incoming call is delivered to Phone via Hunt Group, the display information is wrong. Fixed it.
18. OpenSSL 1.0.1r is applied.
19. Upgrade Limitation is removed from SCME to SPP. This limitation was only for US version IP Phone.
20. When user tries to assign the program key without value, it will be failed.
21. Some wrong Italian words are fixed.
22. When the tone play is repeated with SPK mode, Echo Tone is played. Fixed this issue.
23. Abnormal Phone down regarding deleting the information of program key is fixed.
24. When the old IP Phone (V1.x) is upgrade to V02.8x or later, the provision step is repeated according to the PC VLAN Option. Fixed this issue.
25. When the PNP Mode is used and the existing server information is changed, IP Phone tries to register to not the new server but the old server. Fixed this issue.
26. When all multiline information is removed, the current IP Phone can’t handle this situation. Fixed this issue. Added the Easy Installation Menu
27. When Headset mode is assigned to Program Key, the LED Control for this key was failed when IP Phone is restarted. Fixed this issue.
28. Ad-hoc Conference state mismatch issue is fixed. This is related with adding 4th Member into the current conference. When user tries to enter the step to add 4th member into the current 3 members conference state and then one of old members tries to drop the current call, Switch System and IP Phone can’t manage the final call state after finishing the add sequence for 4th member. From the V02.90 and SCMC V2.1, this situation can be managed as a conference state.

* Limitation
1. When user set to “peer info” as a “Display Option” of [SCM Administrator -> User -> Single User -> Number Translation -> Display Option], “Recording” statement for displaying the current record state is not represented.
2. There are several program key items that could be editable by system administrator. For these keys, IP Phone can’t edit them. When you try to edit these keys, IP Phone will display the error message.
3. When Scheduler Alarm is activated and then user press any key including the empty soft key, the alarm tone will be turned off.
4. Internal VM or Conference Module of SCME/SCM Compact doesn’t allow G.722 based Recording although IP Phone allows to configure G.722 only codec mode as its codec option.
5. Regarding the FWD set to multiline assigned IP Phone by using JOG DIAL, if user set -> reset -> set the FWD by dialing JOG DAL, the final FWD set will be delayed due to handling the several configuration message. (About 10 seconds delayed.

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