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SCMC SW v2.2.0.3 20170811

ПО и Патчи для Samsung Communication Manager Compact.

Модератор: TOPPEHTEP

SCMC SW v2.2.0.3 20170811

Сообщение Wi$e 15 янв 2018, 17:33

Обновления ОС для IP-АТС Samsung Communication Manager Compact (SCMC) до версии (2017.08.11).

Перед обновлением внимательно ознакомиться с SCMC Guide to upgrade from V1.x to V2.0.pptx !!!
При обновлении файлы SYS и APP должны быть загружены одновременно!!!
Обязательно прочтите Release Notes и в частности Cautions!!!

■ New Version Changes (2017/08/11)

[Caution] Be careful to upgrade package from V1.x to V2.x.
 You must upgrade both SYS and APP at the same time.
 Please proceed in step on the attached document.
[Caution] Be careful these follows for package upgrade.
[Caution] USB Package upgrade procedure is changed.
[Caution] Prohibit Manual downgrade of SYS package to version 2.0 or version 1.x
 SCMC-S300/G500 use New CMU CPU Component and need to check Device ID for loading package. If CPU Type is B1 Type, you must not downgrade manually SYS-V2.0 or SYS-V1.x package
[Caution] Default Telnet Service: Disable
Enable procedure: Administrator > [CONFIGURATION] > [Miscellaneous] > [System Options] > [Telnet Service] > Enable
 If the system is restarted for some reason, you have to re-enable using the Administrator.
(Enable -> Disable -> Enable)
[Caution] LAN redundancy.
1) The switch which SCMC is connecting should satisfy following two things
A. STP(Spanning Tree Protocol) function is running.
B. Port Trunking(or Link Aggregation) function is not enabled .
[Caution] Setting IP address
When you configure IP address of SCMC, you should be cautious following things.
A. When SCMC is configured to have WAN I/F(NAT mode), you should not use for IP address of both WAN I/F and LAN I/F.
B. When SCMC is configured to have only LAN I/F(LAN only mode), you should not use for IP address of LAN I/F.
[Caution] internal call by using only station number (User of IPX-GG500 on survival mode)
When you change Service Group of user, if that user is user of IPX-G500 on survival mod you should remove that user for survivability User and assign that user to survivability User
Menu: [CONFIGURATION -> Gateway -> Gateway Link Setting]
[Caution] (Station Paging Without Feature Code) Default vaule changed.
 Menu: [Configuration > User Group > Change User Group > Options]

[-/IPX-S300B/-] PRI Redirecting Number Function
- When CFW call is originated through PRI TRUNK, Redirecting Number have to be transferred by the Use Redirection Number option.
- [Configuration -> Cabinet/Slot -> PRI Trunk -> Use Redirection Number

[-/IPX-S300B/-] Add FTP/SSH/SFTP control function of CMU on administration GUI.
- [Configuration > Cabinet/Slot >CMU Internal Service ]

[-/IPX-S300B/-] Add OPUS Codec list
- [Configuration -> Wireless Enterprise -> Mobile Configuration -> Codec Priority]

[-/IPX-S300B/-] Add New Phone Type (SMT-i1002)
- When you set ‘SMT-i1xxx Phone Use, you can use SMT-i1xxx Phone.
- [Configuration -> User Group -> Change User Group -> Options -> SMT-i1xxx Phone Use]

[-/IPX-S300B/-] Add New Phone Type (SMT-i6005, 18.01 will be released)

[-/IPX-S300B/-] Add Admin UI about WeVoIP
- [CONFIGURATION -> Wireless Enterprise -> Mobile Configuration -> Site Profile Config]
- [CONFIGURATION -> Wireless Enterprise -> Mobile Configuration -> Audio Volume]
- [CONFIGURATION -> Wireless Enterprise -> Mobile Configuration -> Handover Parameter]

[-/IPX-S300B/ SEAU] Regional redundancy of IP-Phone.
- When SCMC is failed in headquarter, phones in headquarter can be registered at G/W
- When you set “2nd Registrar IP” the phone is registered G500 in branch under NAT.
- [CONFIGURATION -> User -> Single Phone User -> 2nd Registrar IP]

[-/IPX-S300B/SEAU] Blind Transfer for phone which is set Preset FWD
- Must Upgrade phone PKG
- Supported Type : SMT-i60XX T01.53, SMT-i5343 T03.98, SMT-i5230 T02.95, SMT-i5220 T02.94, SMT-i2205 T02.94, SMT-i5210 T02.96
- If you want to use this function, you need to set up the DB below.
- [Configuration -> User Group -> Change User Group -> Options -> Fast Blind Transfer]

[TE17301Z/ IPX-S300B/SEA] Added Show VM restore process in event viewer.

[TE17403O/-/USA] SCM Compact Default Access Code Settings
- Menu: Initial Configuration Wizard
Country: South Africa, Australia, EU, Italy, Germany
Operator Call: 9 Outbound Call: 0
Other Country
Operator Call: 0 Outbound Call: 9

[-/-/ITALIA] Fixed a problem that a remote user can log into ‘postgres’ account by a default password.
- Locked a ‘postgres’ account of CMU

[TE17500T /IPX-G500/ITALIA] BRI Trunk Origination Function
- After sending SETUP, when receive PROCEEDING, Trunk Origination Proceed.

[TE175062/ IPX-S300B /SSA] SCMC with SBC Problem GWU De-Registered
- Periodically, every 10 minutes a file vsftpd.log changed to logrotate.

[-/ IPX-S300B /-] Modified to use su, ping, traceroute command under scm account.

[TE17103S/-/KOREA] Hunt Group Statistics Problem is fixed when a hunt group call is picked up

[TE172020/-/USA] Anonymous incoming call problem is fixed
- When Anonymous incoming is transferred from the AA to the Operator Group, a problem that is included Privacy Header in reINVITE is fixed

[TE17202K/-/KOREA] When a FMC is busy, announcement about a forwarding call to the line is changed

[TE17103Z/-/KOREA] CSTA event problem is fixed
- A problem that SCM doesn’t send Agent State Event is fixed.

[TE171041/-/KOREA] CSTA event problem is fixed
- A problem that SCM doesn’t send Agent State Event is fixed.

[TE17200R/-/KOREA] CSTA event problem is fixed
- A problem that SCM doesn’t send Delivery Event is fixed.

[TE17200V/-/KOREA] CSTA event problem is fixed
- A problem that SCM doesn’t send Delivery Event is fixed.

[TE174023/-/KOREA] Outgoing Call CLI problem is fixed
- When the option is Hold Party Number, SCM sends a wrong CLI number. This problem is fixed.
- [Configuration > Trunk Routing > Route > Number Translation Tab > Transfer Call ID]

[TE17103I/-/KOREA] CSTA event problem is fixed
- A problem that SCM doesn’t send Clear event in case of Hunt Group Parallel Mode is fixed.

[TE173052/-/KOREA] CSTA event problem is fixed
- A problem that SCM intermittently doesn’t send Delivery event in case of Hunt Group Parallel Mode is fixed.

[TE174020/-/SEUK] CSTA event is fixed
- If Hunt Group number (parallel mode) is longer than 6 digits, SCM doesn’t send CSTA delivery event. This problem is fixed

[TE17405R /-/ SEUK] Call waiting problem in Hunt parallel mode is fixed
- If No Answer Time in the Hunt Group is set to 0, Call waiting for new call doesn’t not work when Hunt Group is ringing

[-/IPX-S300B/-] Fixed PNB down problem when there is no response from DNS server.

[TE173065/ IPX-S300B/SEUK] VPU channel is locked for few minutes problem fixed.

[TE17307C/ IPX-S300B/SEA] 10 minutes silent VM message problem fixed.

[TE17402D/ IPX-S300B/SEA] Maximum Users display error fixed.
- Change Maximum Users from 3000 to 520(DB update)
- VM/AA > System Parameters > General > Maximum Users

[TE176005/-/AUT] Fixed a problem that trunk call cannot be called when “multiple registration” is enabled.

[TE173020/-/AUS] Support G.729 Annexb=no option.

[-/IPX-S300B /KOREA] if “4XX” occurs for the registration message, it is blocked “Unauth SIP ACL”.
- “401/407/422/423” is excluded.

[-/IPX-S300B/KOREA] Fixed CALLSVCB down problem when there is no response from DNS server.

[-/IPX-S300B/KOREA] Fixed the ability to stop the sip message trace when it is more than 2.5 cps

[TE177016/ IPX-S300B/SEA] modify problem; Conference cannot begin due to codec discordance when conference calling while VPU receiving No SDP Reinvite Msg from siptrunk

[TE17300T/ IPX-S300B/SEA] Users in specific LAN area can’t login PWP web page under WAN/LAN configuration.
- Fixed to recognize network range through a SSO local ip address.

[TE17402W//UK] [SEUK] VPU Transfer Recall Option Added
- Option selection for Recall on transferred by VM/AA was added.

[TE174050/IPX-S300B/SEUK] MOH Issue
- On ACD service, MOH channel count was expanded from 32ch to 50ch

[//]No-Answer Time and Preset No-Answer Time expanded to 120 sec
- No-Answer Time and Preset No-Answer Time range was expanded from 2~30 sec to 2~120 sec.

[TE17300K/ IPX-S300B/SEA] IPX-S300 unable to login after factory reset
- File copy after files size 0 check, sync added

[TE174043/ IPX-G500/SEAU] Call Recording failure after hold
- In case of a voice recording file is connected such as Hold -> Resume, it is modified that the file should be appended.

[TE17400X/ IPX-G500/SEAU] FXS digit map(Access Code Error)
- Every time a digit is inputted, When the Map list that the condition is satisfied is only one, the digit is sent.

[TE17307H/ IPX-G500/KOR] CG, CD fail between internal in Survival Mode
- If service group code index is over 100, it is not possible to find the service group code. As a result, the routine of searching service group code is modified.

[TE174007/IPX-G500/SEAU] Call hold failure on IPX-G500 SIP trunks
- When the IP phone which is connected through SIP Trunk is hold in IPX-G500, it is modified that the call is disconnected because hold processing is not completed.

[TE171503X/ IPX-G500/SEUK] Privacy issue for G500 SIP trunks
- When a call which is calling number restricted is originated through SIP Trunk in IPX-G500, it is modified that INVITE with privacy header which is set is sent.

[TE17206L/ IPX-G500/SEUK] When PRI Trunk Overlap is terminated, Interdigit time(2sec) need to be changed.
- When Interdigit time value is changed by ADMIN, it is modified that Interdigit time is transferred to CALLB block.

[TE171027/ IPX-G500/SEAU] FXO Busy Tone Detection Improvement.
- FXS Busy Tone Detection Function change(tone detection cycle 1.2 -> 2.5)

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