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Прошивка OfficeServ 7200 MP20 v4.65 20130318

Прошивки для АТС Samsung OfficeServ7200.

Модератор: TOPPEHTEP

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Прошивка OfficeServ 7200 MP20 v4.65 20130318

Сообщение Wi$e 21 мар 2013, 18:47

Прошивка процессора MP20 для АТС Samsung OfficeServ 7200, версия 4.65 20130318.

New Version Changes
’13.03.18 V4.65
[New Feature]
1. [New Feature/ALL/ALL] Add SMT-i5210s
2. [New Feature/ALL/ALL] INVITE is not sent to SIPP when IP header source port of REGISTER message and Contact header port are different.
3. [New Feature/ALL/ALL] Add modification for normal SIP phone registration.
SIP phone is blocked and can’t re-register to the system when Unsubscribe messages are incoming continuosly after it is unregistered.

[Bug Fix]
1. [Bug Fix/MP20S/ALL] SLOT2 8COMBO SLI CID Tx Issue
2. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] Time zone for email gateway
3. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] System freezing issue
4. [Bug Fix/MP40/ITALY] System Restart (Megawatt site)
5. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] Provision Enhancement for We VoIP SIP Signaling Port
6. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] IP White List of DM 6.2.2 can’t be disabled.
7. [Bug Fix/MP20S,7100,7070,7030/ALL] Display error in case of initializing ADMIN password by MMC900.
8. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] PERIUCD Unanswered call count error when UCD Group is designated as Operator Group.
9. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] Opposite party can’t hear ringback tone when receiving H.323 trunk call.
10. [Bug Fix/OS7400,OS7200/ALL] SVMi-20i Public port issue when IP Service is set to ON.
11. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] Ringback tone is not heard when incoming SPNet call is transferred to MOBEX(SIP trunk) and in this case system receives 180 message.
12. [P130122001/ALL/ALL] Conf call with MOBEX when using mobile phone
13. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] E.164 Issue in case of interworking with Vodacom SIP trunk
(It is occurred in V4.64)
14. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] SVMI-20I VMAME Issue
15. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] Delete “NONE” sub-option from Comm Exclusive in DM5.2.12 and MMC837.
16. [Bug Fix/OS7400,OS7200,MP20s/ALL] Install Task is suspended when searching name of CNF24 conference member in DM 9.2.1.
17. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] SIP Task is suspended when handling with IPUMS Message.
18. [P130223005/ALL/ALL] Ticket 16158 - IP Phone license
19. [P130223009/ALL/ITALY] Some strings are still displayed in English instead of Italian
20. [P130223007/ALL/ITALY] Access level in DM 5.13.5 have some issues
21. [P130223006/ALL/ITALY] DM 8.6.1 does not allow uploading voice file from a shared dir named by IP address
22. [P130223004/ALL/ITALY] The DM repetitively downloads DB to local disk.
23. [P130223003/ALL/ITALY] Change string translation DM5.13.10
24. [P130223002/ALL/ITALY] Some DM’s tables are not sorted properly
25. [P130223001/ALL/ITALY] The extension assigned to a function key cannot be deleted in DM 4.9.2
26. [P130222007/ALL/ITALY] Copy&Paste doesn’t work for multiple choice option of the drop-down menus.
27. [Bug Fix/ALL/ITALY] Change FMC related terms.
28. [Bug Fix/OS7400,OS7200,MP20s/ALL] PWP-DM Lockout
29. [Bug Fix /ALL/ALL] Modified not to save default value as admin password.
30. [P120831007/OS7400,OS7200,MP20s/ALL] CM indication for SPNet conf. members
31. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] Co-Co disconnect for Spnet Calls
32. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] Call transfer Fail when WEVOIP transfers current call to PRI trunk. (Enbloc mode)
33. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] Call transfer Fail when WEVoIP transfers current call to PRI Trunk. (Overlap mode)
34. [ALL/MP20,MP40/ALL] Allowed IP range for TELNET access
35. [Bug Fix/ALL/ALL] Rearrange IP White List
36. [Bug Fix/ALL/Russia] OfficeServ7000 V4.64 Russian Code page
37. [Bug Fix/ALL/STA] ITP phone Password

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