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Прошивка OfficeServ 7400 MP40 vT4.74a 20131017

Прошивки для АТС Samsung OfficeServ7400.

Модератор: TOPPEHTEP

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Прошивка OfficeServ 7400 MP40 vT4.74a 20131017

Сообщение Wi$e 24 окт 2013, 00:44

Прошивка процессора MP40 для АТС Samsung OfficeServ 7400, версия T4.74a 20131017
New Version Changes
’13.10.17 T4.74a
1. [ALL/ALL] DM 4.1.2 Trunk Group is not shown.
There’s an error when disabling some features of DM 4.1.2 which don’t have to be shown in T4.74. It is modified in T4.74a.

’13.10.10 T4.74
[Bug Fix]
1. [ALL/ALL] WE VoIP Smart Routing
With before T4.74 package, provisioning and smart routing can’t be used at the same time if Mac address is saved as <Mobile Number> in DM 5.2.24.
 In case of using general version or GS3/4, WE VoIP client can’t read mobile number from SIM card and Mac address is shown instead of mobile number. In this case <My Phone Number> of WE VoIP client is deactivated, so user can’t change its value to mobile number and after all provisioning fails. If you input Mac address to <Mobile Number> in DM 5.2.24, provisioning will be processed successfully but you can’t use Smart Routing because there’s no valid mobile number.
To solve this problem, we separate previous <Mobile Number> into <Authentication Number> and <Mobile Number>. You can check this modification in DM 5.2.24.
 <Authentication Number>: Authentication number is used for making mobile & login profile and provisioning is processed with this number not <Mobile Number>.
You should check <Authentication Number> of WE VoIP and input this number to <Authentication Number> of DM 5.2.24. In this case <Authentication Number> of WE VoIP can be mobile number or Mac address and system allows all these two types.
※ WE VoIP changes previous <My Phone Number> to <Authentication Number>.
To check this modification you should use V3.5.0.0 or later.
※ Make sure that if you upgrade the system from V4.70 to T4.74, <Authentication
Number> field will be shown as blank. For provisioning, you should copy <Mobile
Number> to <Authentication Number>.
 <Mobile Number>: This number is used for Smart Routing. For normal operation you should input only mobile number to this field.
2. [ALL/ALL] WE VoIP E.164 registration
In case of E.164 number, WE VoIP client will show all digits including <+>. In this case phone can’t register to the system because WE VoIP sends Authentication number to the system without excluding <+>.
WE VoIP will send Authentication number excluding <+>. Then system will also use this number as it receives. For normal operation you should input digits without <+> in DM 5.2.24.
Both WE VoIP and system packages are modified so you have to use WE VoIP whose version is V2.5.2.1T or later.
3. [ALL/ALL] UCD modification
Sometimes call waiting count of Periodic UCD is not correct.
Add to check UCD queue status. If garbage value is remained in UCD queue, system will clear related queue information.
4. [MP20s,MP10a,MP07,MP03/ALL] Voice issue in case of using Multicast Page
There’s a voice path control error when using Multicast Page. It is modified.
If you use Multicast Page with SMT-i5210 which uses VLAN, you have to use SMT-i5210 whose version is T01.43_201430927 or later for normal operation.
5. [ALL/ALL] SIP registration failure
When using Alive Notify as SIP Options, SIP trunk registration fails if system can’t receive response message after sending SIP INVITE. In this case you can’t make an outgoing call until registration is recovered and it takes Alive Notify Time.
System will recover SIP trunk registration immediately not to wait for Alive Notify Time.

6. [ALL/ALL] E.164 Deny
E.164 Deny feature does not work due to internal searching error.
System will not apply E.164 feature when making a call with Dialed Digits of DM 5.2.28 E.164 Deny Table.
7. [ALL/ALL] System Booting Failure
-. If system IP address and gateway have different subnet, system can’t boot normally.
This issue is occurred from V4.64. It is modified.
-. Without applying T4.74, you can solve this problem by upgrading system to V4.60 and entering system & gateway IP normally. After that, downgrade the system to the previous version.
8. [MP20s,MP10a,MP07,MP03/ALL] MP20s Watchdog
MP20s restarts the below environment.
-. SIP trunk call is incoming to unconditional station group which has a member pairing with MOBEX station. MOBEX station is set to make a call through SIP trunk.
-. All group members and MOBEX station are ringing. In this case if MOBEX station user answers the call, then MP20s restarts.
9. [ALL/STA] One Time DND improvement
If station group is set as DND forward destination, DND forward setting will be maintained until One Time DND is deactivated.
10. [ALL/ALL] T38 Fax failure
-. G.711 will be used when fax receives SIP trunk call and T38 FAX negotiation fails.
-. In the previous version, MGI64 restarts when T38 fax fails. It is modified.
11. [ALL/ALL] SIP 200 OK Expire Time
If OfficeServ tries to register to the server which does not support SIP trunk registration, the server sends 200 OK which has no expire time. As 200 OK does not have expire time, system eventually stops its registration process.
System will consider expire time as the value which server sent at first if the server sends 200 OK with no expire time. So system will send Register message to the server every designated expire time.
System provides SIP alarms such as ISP OK/NOK to show SIP trunk registration status. But these alarms are too simple to show specific information. And sometimes same alarms are displayed in a row.
-. System displays only one alarm when same alarms are generated in a row.
-. System provides detailed alarm information as below and you can see these status in DM 6.1.1.
Status Alarm Description
OK ISP1 OK REGIST System succeeds in registering to the server with REGISTER message.
ISP1 OK NO EXP System succeeds in registering to the server which sends 200 OK with no expire time. In this case system uses expire time which the server offered at first.
ISP1 OK OPTION System succeeds in registering to the server by receiving response of OPTION message.
NOK ISP1 NOK OPUPDT System fails to register to the server because user changes the current setting when using OPTION message.
ISP1 NOK UNREGI System unregisters to the server.
ISP1 NOK REFAIL System tries to register to the server but it receives 4xx message.
ISP1 NOK RE TO System tries to register to the server but it can’t receive response message.
ISP1 NOK REAUTH Authentication fails.
ISP1 NOK OP TO1 System can’t receive response message even though it sends OPTION message.
ISP1 NOK OP TO2 System fails to register to the server even though it sends OPTION message.
ISP1 NOK INVT01 System can’t receive response message even though is sends INVITE message. (Inviting call leg state)
ISP1 NOK INVT02 System can’t receive response message even though it sends INVITE message. (Proceeding call leg state)
ISP1 NOK NONAME This alarm is shown in case of Korea.
ISP1 NOK REGRQ System receives 403 response whose reason includes “Register request” even though it sends INVITE message.

’13.07.08 V4.71 MP03
[Improved Feature]
1. [MP03/ALL] File system recovery feature is included.
[Bug Fix]
1. [MP03/ALL] booting failure after uploading damaged package files is fixed.
2. [MP03/ALL] Intermittent booting failure when voice mail storage is full is fixed.
3. [MP03/Russia] Russian display message error is fixed.
4. [MP03/ALL] System reboot problem after receiving SIP 401 or 407 message is fixed.
5. [MP03/ALL] Multicast paging lock-up problem is fixed.
6. [MP03/ALL] ringback tone problem when blind-transferring to station group is fixed.

’13.05.03 V4.71 MP20
[Bug Fix]
1. [Bug Fix/MP20/ALL] MP20(New ASIC) Tone Cadence Control Issue

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Re: Прошивка OfficeServ 7400 MP40 vT4.74a 20131017

Сообщение Collipark24 20 дек 2013, 06:45

Подскажите, какой пароль надо вводить чтобы зайти на АТС через DM 4.74
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